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The Interesting Show Stopper Software

I have just been looking at a brand new software called Show Stopper, it’s a software a lot like the ones you can use when you display One Time Offers. But it’s a little different.

This piece of software will help you show any page just once. Just like their sales page. When you visit the sales page the first time, you will get the cheap offer of buying the software for only $14.97, the next time you visit the same page (or if you refresh the page) you will have to buy it for $29.97.

I am not sure how they do it. I tried to delete all my cookies and visit the sales page to see what happened, but I still got the $29.97. I then deleted “everything” from Firefox, and there shouldn’t have been any trace back to this sales page from my computer, but I still got the $29.97 offer.

I am not good at this at all, so I am not sure how this software operates. It might use the ip-address, or something else. What is interesting is that it really works. Ordinary people, like myself, can’t see the page more than one time. So, the offer will be a one time offer, but it doesn’t need to be the regular upsell page.

You can now use any sales page, and tell your prospects that they will only get the price on the page one time, the next time they visit the page, they will have to pay 50% more.

The reason to use Show Stopper is to sort of make your prospects decide right then if they want to buy your product or not. If they understand that they will get a great price, they might decide a lot faster than if they think that the price will be the same for months. And if they think that, they will most likely not buy your product at all.

If you are interested, visit Show Stopper and read alll about it today, and remember don’t refresh the sales page. If you do, the price will become a lot more expensive.

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