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Interesting SEO Tool: Phantom Cloaker

I have been looking for a [tag]SEO[/tag] tool for a while, but so far I haven´t bought any. The reason for this is that I can´t seem to find a good one that works for my [tag]Mac[/tag]. It seems that all the SEO softwares runs on [tag]windows[/tag]. But someday soon I might need to buy one. I have a pc next to my mac, but I hardly use it.

So, today I found a new tool that I haven´t heard anything about before. This software is called Phantom [tag]Cloaker[/tag] and it´s will (according to their site) get you #1 [tag]search engine[/tag] rankings fast. This seems to be kind of a bold statement, but who knows?

Their site looks really good and it makes me want to test their software. It even says that you can download a demo from it. If I can´t find a good SEO software that works with my Mac soon, I might have to try [tag]Phantom Cloaker[/tag]. The price is $49.95 for one domain.

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