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Interesting Popover

You have probably noticed that I am using a popover myself, and that’s because it’s a great way to grab attention and in my case, to get people to subscribe to my “Internet Marketing Tips Newsletter”. I am using the lightbox popover script from AWeber.

Anyway. I have found an example of another interesting way to use a popover. I am not sure where I found it, but I had to take a screen capture just so I could show you the example.

Usually, people are using a popover in order to get people to sign up for something (like a newsletter) or to get people to click on an interesting offer (just one offer).

This popover, actually it’s an exit popover (only shows when people are trying to leave the website), gives you three options.

It tries to cover every reason why a person was visiting the website in the first place; and when the person is leaving, this popover asks the question which option is the best for the prospect:

1. I’d like to discover how to easily make serious money with affiliate programs using powerful underground techniques

2. I’d like to learn some truly advanced Internet marketing tactics

3. I’d like to learn how to make “autopilot income” using the Internet

Depending on the option you choose, you will be sent to an affiliate program (one for each option).

I am not sure if this is a great way to use a popover or not.

But I am sure that I think it’s a creative way to use it and I do like it

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