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Interesting Gas Station

At the moment, I am at a cabin in Skeikampen (Norway) with six of my friends. We are here in order to ski, relax, and have a lot of fun. So far, we are having a great time.

While driving here, we pulled over at the most famous gas station in Norway. It’s called Espa, and it’s located next to nothing. It’s at a place where I thought no gas station would be able to profit. But the owner of this gas station has understood how important a purple cow really is.

The purple cow of this particular gas station is their bakery.

This gas station sells, according to their signs, the best buns/rolls in the world. I doubt that this is a fact, but we pulled over and I bought the buns, and they were awesome. The signs are all over the store, and they are everywhere outside (next to the road) so every person driving past can see them. They say things like “the King of buns”, “The best buns in the world” and “We are going to sell 1,9 million buns in 2009”. They can write stuff like that, because they have statistics of every bun they sell.

At the store yesterday, I saw a large sign saying that they have sold 52,000 buns during the first three weeks of 2009. It’s amazing to see how many people that bought buns while I was in the store. It looked like everybody was at the gas station to buy buns, and not because they needed gas.

People from all over the country are pulling over because of the buns, and while there, they buy gas and all sorts of stuff. The media are in love with this gas station, they get free advertising from from newspapers and tv channels. It’s because they are different, they do stuff that no other gas station are doing. And they are earning a lot of money doing it.

I guess that tomorrow, while driving back home, we will be pulling over at the same gas station and all seven guys (me included) will be buying the buns all over again. And while there, we’ll probably fill gas and buy some candy, a coca-cola and lots of other stuff.

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