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Interesting Gas Station

At the moment, I am in a cabin at Skeikampen (Norway) with six friends. We are together for the weekend, to ski, relax and to have fun. So far, everything has been perfect.

While driving to Skeikampen, we pulled over at a famous gas station. The gas station is called Espa, and it’s in “no mans land”. It’s the only thing worth mentioning for miles.

The interesting thing about this gas station is that it’s probably the most famous gas station in Norway. And that’s not because of the prices, the great customer service or the location.

It’s because of their bakery.

They have awesome buns/rolls. According to their posters and banners (all over the gas station, both inside and outside) they make the best buns in the world.

I really doubt that this is the case. But they get a lot of attention with their posters. And they publish statistics every week or so. So far, this small gas station, from January 1st to January 22nd, they sold more than 52000 buns.

When you see signs like “the king of buns”, “the best buns in the world” and “we’ll sell more than 1,9 million buns in 2009” you’ll probably want to try a few.

And they taste awesome.

This gas station has a purple cow. Their fantastic buns, makes people pull over, buy buns, gas and a lot of other stuff. If this was just a regular gas station, they would probably not be earning a profit at all. Now, they are earning a lot of money and they are getting a lot of attention in the media (free advertising).

I’ll bet we’ll be pulling over for the buns on our way back home tomorrow. It’s going to be interesting to see if they have updated their statistics.

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