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Integrate Aweber with Paypal and Clickbank

When I was a member of Aweber a while ago, I was wondering how I could use this great autoresponder with my paypal account. If I wanted to sell a product and the customer was going to pay using paypal, how could I automate the sale using Aweber? At first when I started doing business online I did everything manually, but I soon came to realize that almost nothing is done manually anymore.

So, what I wanted was that when a customer bought my product or service, they would get an e-mail sent to them automatically from me with instructions on how to download the product or how to get a hold of the service they had just bought.

During my time with Aweber I never used it for this, but now (a little too late for me) I found the instructions on how you could do it – and it looks really easy. Not only can you integrate it with Paypal, but you can do the same with Clickbank.

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