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Inside the Airplane

I never told you this, but I’m easily bored.

As I’m writing this, I’m stuck inside an airplane, waiting. I’ve been stuck in my seat, hardly without moving, for more than ninety minutes.

When I’m bored, I look at people, I listen to them, it makes boring exciting.

The man behind me has been travelling the world, and he loves to talk about it. He’s sharing his journeys wth the man next to him. The man doing the talking has a funny accent, he has a tan and tiny mustache. Listening to him makes me wonder what it would be like to be seated next to him for the next four hours?

I guess that the only real difference would be that I would have had to look at him and maybe answer a few questions every thirty minutes or so. He continues to talk, non-stop.

When I’m not listening to conversations, the only sounds I’m hearing are from babies crying. They’re waiting, just like me, but they’re allowed to cry their frustrations.

It seems that the longer the wait, the more people are using the toilet. That makes sense.

I’m seated next to the toilet. At the moment I’m counting the number of women and men who have used it for the past ten minutes. Six women, no men.

I’m fascinated by the flight attendants. They’re still smiling, it seems that they’re trying hard. I think they are because they’re not giving away gifts, but selling us all sorts of stuff. It’s hard to sell to people who’re frustrated.

They’re still smiling, although they’re not doing anything extraordinary.

I remember a visit to our local McDonald’s, I think it was about a year ago. I received a free burger and extra fries, because I had to wait 15 minutes for our food, and they forgot to put cheese on the burger.

Airlines are different, they don’t come with extra fries.

The smiles. That’s all the flight attendants are doing in order to make us become raging fans.

They should provide free peanutes, free pepsi, or something free, even though the delay isn’t their fault.

It’s been close to two hours, and I’m still stuck in my seat. I haven’t seen any really angry passengers yet, but I haven’t seen any truly happy ones either.

We’ve just received the message that we’re about to leave. We’ll be in the air for apx. 4 hours. I’ll wonder if the flight attendants will keep smiling.


The flight attendants got it all wrong. It’s not about them smiling, it’s about putting a smile on other people’s faces. On our faces, the passengers. It’s about passion. It’s about touching someone. It’s about giving gifts (not just about free pepsi and peanuts, but it helps).

I’m really looking forward to the next four hours, and I’m happy that I’m not a flight attendant right here, right now.

I’m not saying that they did a terrible job, because they didn’t. The problem is that they’re average.

Why would I settle for average?

(Because I don’t care, but they don’t know that).

I’m just comfortable in my seat, closing my eyes and dreaming about the awesome vacation in Greece, fourteen days on the island of Rhodes, while I find the world around me to be fascinating.

3 responses to “Inside the Airplane”

  1. BrandonBurgh says:

    Hah, you can cry, just like the babies. 🙂 It might even get you some points somewhere. I also hate the toilet row of seats. The smell and sounds can be quite disturbing if you are trying to hold conversations. (Just tell the person beside you that it wasn't you 😉 )
    Anyway, I agree…it's about making the other people happy and putting smiles on their faces.

  2. darencanilao says:


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