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Incredible system not that incredible

A few weeks ago I received an email from Shawn Casey, a well-known online marketer, along with probably hundred thousand other people. The email told the story about a new online marketing system that was currently in pre-launch. It would only cost me $97 to join (I would save $52 a month) I was guaranteed an income of apx. $1000 a month after 90 days. This was not his exact words, but pretty close to it. He told me that it really worked and the marketing system was amazing.

I usually don´t jump on offers like this, but something happened to me that day.

It was a well-known marketer telling me about it. And the website looked really interesting, and I was ready for a new marketing system. And finally, they gave a 90-day 100% money back guarantee. The guarantee was that if I didn´t get the results they promised after following their system for the 90-days, I would get my money back.

I thought “why not give it a try?” 3 months of a new marketing system, and if it failed, no investments but my time was wasted. I would get my money back eventually.

So I joined the system called the incredible syste or AKA University of Internet Marketing eCourse. The founders and owners are well-known marketers (according to Shawn Casey) Charles Ryder and Justin Blake.

I joined late at night, but I couldn´t go to sleep not knowing what the system was all about. At first I thought it was a new way to send my ads or some sort of new marketing technology. So I was really surprised when my first membership month was a message telling me that I should use eZines to advertise. They didn´t mention which eZines to use other than a video on how to find eZines using Google.

Not to forget, they told me that I should use Instant Buzz toolbar, get signatures in my emails and when posting to forums, and use two free traffic exchanges.

I couldn´t believe this, so I started to look for the hidden pages telling me about the real system. I found something called Guru training, where Charles and Justin had written a chapter for each month of my membership on how to become successful online.

The first month (which I had just paid for) told me basically that I should make my own product and promote it online instead of joining other affiliates. To get access to the other monhts of material, I would have to pay $97 a month.

I started to think about how this system really worked. I would have to find my own ezines to advertise in (the “system” provided me with ads to use) and I would have to pay hundreds of dollars to do this. I would not know if the ezines I found where the right ones, because they just told me a way to find related ezines and technique to find out if they had many subscribers or not. Then I would have advertise for 3 months and if that didn´t work I would get my money back. What kind of guarantee is that?

They could just tell me that after 3 months, I hadn´t spent enough money on advertisements, so I could not get my money back. And if I had spent enough money on ads and it didn´t work, would I get the money I had used for advertisments back as well? I got sceptical and started to search the Internet for more information about the system and I found these sites:

How to corp

Yesterday I cancelled my membership and I have lost all confidence in Shawn Casey and other so-called Gurus.

This was all my fault, and like $97 was not a real problem, but I can´t believe why I did this?

This only shows how good copywriting can fool people. This time I was the fool, but beware, next time it might be you.

Update: Read the thread at

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