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An incredible experience with Muse in Oslo

I was there!

Finally, I can say that I was there when people start talking. And people have started to talk, about the latest concert from the amazing british rock group Muse. It was in Oslo yesterday October 23 and I was there, sitting without hardly moving, because that`s what I do at concerts, I am concentrated and focused.

… but I was there.

I have listened to all of their songs, and I have read a lot of reviews. It`s a lot different to be at a concert, to be a part of something so amazing. Suddenly, thousands of people, from all cultures and all ages become one. We are there to be amazed by Muse and Matt Bellamy.

Be sure to watch Starlight from the concert, it was uploaded to YouTube a few hours after the concert (not by me).

From what I have heard, the concert in Trondheim (Norway) a few days earlier was just as good. The video below is from the song Plugin babe from the concert.

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