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I recommend that you read my post about email productivity tips before you continue to read this post.


I have been writing a lot about what I have been doing this summer; how I’ve been working while I’ve been on vacation, and how much I enjoy being a solopreneur, watching the ocean while I am working. Today, I want to send a huge thank you to Mike Vardy for writing his book The Productivityist Workbook.

I bought the book the first day of my vacation, and I read it, like my life was depending on it. I have been focusing on getting things done for a long time, but I am still not doing things the way I’d like. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been taking action, and I don’t procrastinate. But still, I don’t focus on doing what’s important, and I’ve been missing something.

I started listening to Mike Vardy on his podcast with Michael Schechter┬áMikes on Mics a long time ago. I’ve listened to most of the episodes, and I have learned a lot. It’s a great productivity podcast. When I heard about his book, The Productivityist Workbook, I decided right away that I was going to buy it.

The book is divided into four sections:

What I’ve learned is to identify what a task really is, and how to manage all my tasks. To me, this was what I was doing in the first place, and that was more or less my system of productivity. After reading The Productivityist Workbook, I’ve shifted from a time mindset, to a task mindset. I’m using different tools, like Things and Evernote, to plan all my tasks, and have all the information I need. I’m using tags in order to add information about the tasks, if it’s urgent and important, or if it’s not.

I have changed how I control my email, but The Productivityist Workbook is the reason why. I am now using Sanebox to filter all my email, and I have not a single email in my inbox before I go to bed. I send all the emails I need to do something with to Evernote. And, when I’m ready, I’ll manage the email. I use three categories for my email:

I archive everything that I can use as a reference later on.

I’ve never had a method to manage my ideas. They’ve been all over the place, and some stay inside my head for a long time, others have been lost on various napkins or notebooks. I believe that I have had too many ideas, and many of them (maybe even most of them) haven’t been ideas worth pursuing. I am now applying the idea criteria, and I have a calendar for all my ideas.

I have been doing many exercises to make time work for me. And, the exercises inside The Productivityist Workbook as helped a lot. I am now doing “time chunking” and that’s what really works for me.

I highly recommend The Productivityist Workbook by Mike Vardy. It was $5 when I bought it, and you’ll read it fairly fast, since it’s only 33 pages. But, believe me, you’ll learn a lot.

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