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Inbound Marketing and Why I Just Love IT

inbound marketing

I have just been to my first business meeting. It was no ordinary business meeting. It made me smile.

Right now, I have the biggest smile known to mankind. You can spot it miles away. Inbound marketing makes me so excited. It’s hard to sit still, even when I’m writing this. It’s like I don’t have any control of my writing. The words just keep coming at me, and it’s not because I’m 39 years old and starting a business, but it’s all because of my passion for inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing makes me feel like the butterflies in my stomach keeps growing and at the same time, it’s like they’re having babies (caterpillars), yes, small butterfly babies. It feels like I’m 14 years old all over again, and I’m in High School and all my teachers are telling me to sit still and shut up.

But, I just can’t.

Inbound marketing has turned my world upside down

The first time I heard about inbound marketing was via an article I read on the brilliant blog of Marcus “The Saleslion” Sheridan. The story was how Marcus had turned his swimming pool business into a very profitable business with the use of pure content. To me, that story was the turning point, and then, what seems like hundreds of blog posts later, I am finally part of what seems to be a marketers dream. I’ll be spreading the word about inbound marketing. It feels like I’m working for a charity, and doing the world a huge favor.

I don’t have any competition and it’s all because of inbound marketing

I don’t look at anybody as my competition. Not anymore. No matter who they are, they are now part of my inbound marketing team. I share everything I know with everybody. The more I share, the better friends I get. That’s how I look at it. I remember talking to a client and he said that he couldn’t tell me how he did it, that’s a business secret, that’s what he told me, and then he smiled at me. I remember I was waiting, actually, I’m still waiting, for him to call me and tell me he was joking. There are no secrets left. We’re on the same team.

Inbound marketing makes it so much easier to help people trust you. And when we come to realize that we don’t have any competition, and we’re on the same team, and we’re just saying how awesome all the other companies are, people can’t do anything other than to like you. They want to be around you. They want to do what you are doing, and they can’t get enough of you. In the end, they want a sip of what you’re drinking, even when you’re drinking Coca-Cola Zero like me.

When you open the door and invite your enemies inside, you start building long lasting relationships. To me, inbound marketing makes me look at the world with the biggest smile known to mankind, you can spot it miles away. And I still haven’t made a dime.

How big is your smile, and is it all because of inbound marketing?

105 responses to “Inbound Marketing and Why I Just Love IT”

  1. Adrienne says:

    I had this same conversation today Jens with a new subscriber. I always call them and introduce myself. Tell them I’m a real human being and I’m here to help if they need me.

    I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with her, she had been trying to learn how to install your opt-in box on her blog and just couldn’t figure it out. In less than one minute she had it up and installed. She was so darn happy if she could have come through that phone she would have kissed me.

    Our conversation went straight to what you are sharing in your post today. That we are all here together, as one to help each other out. She didn’t want what I was selling and I didn’t want what she was selling but you know what! She’s now singing my praises and will be writing a post about that experience. Who will that help as time goes by? Oh yeah, we are all in this together my friend.

    I’m so glad you are excited about this and I can’t wait until you start incorporating videos now. Oh yes, we’ll get you there one way or the other! 🙂

    Thanks Jens and enjoy your week!

    • Hi Adrienne,

      That’s an awesome story, and exactly what I’ve been experiencing and why I inbound marketing is my passion. There are probably things I’m doing that I shouldn’t be doing, but to me, it seems that it’s a brand new way of thinking, and that it’s been a secret that being nice and helpful to people always works both ways. It’s hard for me to believe that this has been a secret and that it’s still a secret in Norway 🙂

      You’ll probably get me to incorporate videos, I know you will 🙂

  2. Bill Dorman says:

    Are you drinking that social media kool-aid again?………..:).

    Sounds like you have definitely found your passion with inbound marketing; it will be interesting to see how much it works for you. I’d be careful though, I’m not sure if this internet thing is going to make it; sounds like a fad to me.

    No more Coke Jens; water, the nectar of the gods….it’s what’s good for you.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Bill,

      I’m drinking water like never before Bill, one glass at the time. In fact, I’m drinking water right now, maybe that’s the reason why I’m smiling (my teeth are finally white again) 🙂

      Yes, I have found my passion, and I really do believe that it will work wonders for me. I haven’t been a business person at all, and I have no idea if I’ll ever be, but I love how inbound marketing makes me think, and how my clients love the idea behind it. Every time I talk to a person about it, it seems that I’m doing the world a favor, and that’s a great feeling 🙂

  3. Ruth - The Freelance Writing Blog says:

    Has someone spiked your Coca Cola Zero?

    I love Marcus; and obviously I too believe in inbound marketing. Stay the course; stay hungry; and you’ll smile twice as widely when the dimes start flowing my friend :-).

    • Thanks a lot Ruth, there are so many things that I’ve learned from inbound marketing, and I’ve been smiling a lot lately. My biggest aha-moment, is when I realized that we don’t have any competition at all. And that we’re all on the same team working for a better world, that’s a great feeling 🙂

  4. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens, I’m not sure what Inbound Marketing but I think I like it for two reasons. First, it makes you smile. Second, it means we’re on the same team. I’m not sure what the sport is or what the rules are, but I like thinking we’re on the same team.

    If Marcus recommends it, then you are wise to follow his lead.

    I can’t wait for the next chapter in this story!

    • Hi Carolyn,

      You are already doing it, and you’re awesome at it 🙂

      According to wikipedia “Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers.” We’re not using advertisements, but quality content (like awesome blog posts) and we’re found by customers who are searching Google for what we’re doing/selling. There are so many things to inbound marketing, but this is an example. We’re focusing on content and building relations and trust, and if we do it right, we don’t have to spend a dime on advertising, because our customers will come to us instead 🙂

      • Carolyn says:

        Very cool. Now I’m smiling even more!

        That Wikipedia site sounds very handy. Perhaps I should check it out for a future article? 😉

  5. Vernon says:

    Hello Jens, Your post is packed with great information and I think I could help me a lot. This is the first time of mine heard about inbound marketing. Your great post convinces me to try it, in a matter of fact I really want to try this one right away. As you’ve said it makes your world upside down. I think this one is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this one. I’m curious with this one.

  6. Maryland Wes says:

    More good stuff, Jens. As I’ve commented before, age doesn’t matter… and you clearly have the other important element going for you – you’re passionate about what you do. Some smarts coupled with passion is an unstoppable force in business, IMO…

  7. Mark Harai says:

    Geesh, you got me all fired up Jens!

    I think I’ll go have a slice of pizza and and a Coke to wash it down now!

    I’ve picked up some bad habits reading your blog – but I always glean some great marketing tips here… Now inbound marketing too!

    Hopefully this doesn’t increase my pizza & coke intake…

    Cheers Jens!

  8. Sam says:

    I know the feeling, hehe. I’m starting a business too, I have a new website with affiliate marketing – gadgets, and it looks very promising, lots of products, traffic and superiority on the niche. I wish you good luck with your plan! Thanks for sharing!

  9. “It feels like I’m 14 years old all over again, and I’m in High School and all my teachers are telling me to sit still and shut up.”
    –Hey Jens … I feel the same way. 🙂

    It sounds like you’ve found your passion and that is great. The more I learn about blogging and online marketing in general the more excited I get as well.

    I’m glad your tail is wagging, man. One of the reasons I like coming here is that fact that you’re honest and you write about your excitement in this realm.

    What’s for dinner? … pizza again? 🙂

  10. Jim says:

    This was excellent. Just what I needed. I actually print this post and put it in my library. Thanks, I will read more of your posts soon.

  11. John says:

    I can spot your smile, Jens. 😀 …a very nice post on Inbound Marketing, it is very difficult to convince a person to buy a product when you are in Outbound.You never know what “mood” that person is in, most of the time they just yell and hang up.But Inbound is something where you seem to have the “super power” to convince people to buy what ever crap you wanna sell!

    • Hi John,

      I can’t even begin to tell you how it feels to be getting those cold calls in the evening from telemarketers trying to sell almost anything over the phone. I feel sorry for them, trying to push their products on people. It’s so much more fun to turn everything around and make them want you instead 🙂

  12. Catherine67 says:

    You have brought here a real instinct that usually pass on my minds. Thanks for the given ideas.

  13. Annie Andre says:

    I think you and i had similar experiences. Marcus and John Falchetto wre the ones that turned me onto commenting and reaching out to my competition and other people online. Before i was just lurking and watching ike a scary internet stalker. That was around April or March of 2011 and now i just love the friendships and INBOUND marketing too. Glad we share the same enthusiasm.

    • Hi Annie,

      I should have mentioned John as well. It all started with Marcus, but John has been awesome too. I have learned so much from him and Ameena. I have spent many years thinking about what I should be doing about marketing. I’ve tested many different type of ads, and I’ve tried various methods and read lots of books. And it all comes back to the basics, about building relations with people so that they’ll trust you, and creating high quality content. I just love to talk to people about this, and get them to understand the message.

      Not many people in Norway get this, but I’m doing my best to spread the word 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment Annie.

  14. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Jens,

    All that high from Inbound Marketing mate? Haha that’s amazing!

    To be honest I had to go and look at this term at the Wiki site first.

    I don’t know if I will be doing any Inbound Marketing myself on a conscious state of mind but I’m 100% sure I won’t be chasing people around to buy my stuff.

    Glad you are finding your sweet spots, can’t wait to see what you bring next!

    Take care and have a great day Jens 😉


    PS. Thank you for your positive energy, it felt good to read through your good vibes!

    • Jens P. Berget says:

      Hi Sergio,

      You are already doing parts of inbound marketing, because you’re writing a blog about your adventure in marketing, and when you write reviews (like the one I just read on your blog), you attract people to you instead of pushing the sales messages.

      You’ve got an awesome blog, so just keep on being awesome and you’ll have massive success 🙂

  15. Stan says:

    Inbound marketing is really great for everybody! Being at your best for your customers can build their trust. Its something that would really be useful in getting new customers to build a business relationship with you.

  16. olatoun-graceny says:

    Inbound marketing sound awesome, I think it’s a better way to go about marketing you will probably end up with a friend and customer.(2 in 1). For example you’ve been so nice and friendly when ur novel is out we shall all buy not because u are forcing us to, but because of the level of friendship and trust.

    • That sounds awesome. The only problem with my novel is that it’s written in Norwegian, but hey, that’s a great excuse to learn a different language 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your kind words.

  17. Mike Colly says:

    Being at your best for your customers can build their trust. Its something that would really be useful in getting new customers to build a business relationship with you, thanks for the post, keep up the good work.

  18. Michael says:

    This perspective is certainly out of the box. Pretty mind opening stuff…

  19. Sonia says:

    I will have to check that out Jens. If it has marketing attached to it and it’s endorsed by Marcus then you know it has to be good. Plus your excited about it and now I want to know more about it. I would love to hear your experiences with it as you grow.

  20. Debbie Roberts says:

    Awesome! I like Coca-Cola Zero too! Your blog is very fun, enjoyable and a stress free to read. No wonder you’ve got lots of comments posted here and I’m sure there’s a lot more coming. Blogs should be more fun to read just like yours. 😀

  21. Shameka Hennagir says:

    I am not familiar with inbound marketing Jens but I want to try to check this out. I got your point why you love doing Inbound marketing and no doubt it is truly great. Thanks for sharing about Inbound Marketing!

  22. FXCM says:

    Really inbound marketing tips are apreciated i like it too much

  23. Debbie Roberts says:

    Awesome! I like Coca-Cola Zero too! Your blog is very fun, enjoyable and a stress free to read. No wonder you’ve got lots of comments posted here and I’m sure there’s a lot more coming. Blogs should be more fun to read just like yours.

  24. Ana says:

    Even though it’s not always easy to do it, Jens, leaving nothing behind and becoming completely transparent is the only true way to grow a solid business.

    I am sure you’ll implement the same inbound strategies with your new Norwegian blog (how’s it going, by the way?)

    • Doug says:

      Hi Jens & Ana,

      Glad I stumbled upon this blog. I too am an Inbound convert. I’ve preached this method to my friends and clients alike. It’s funny, I get way more traction with those who find me as opposed to trying to evangelize the practice. When someone’s looking for an inbound solution it’s the ideal selling scenario!

  25. Danica Green says:

    It really depends to what we love and what we used to do that allows us to be productive. Just like any other people, they might want outbound than inbound marketing. However, in my point view, I like as well inbound marketing wheres I can share expertise on explaining how great your product is.

  26. Elaine Salt says:

    Some say that there is no such thing as competition in inbound marketing, well for me competition is still present in this industry but it exist in a more pleasing and friendlier form.

  27. Oliver Tausend says:

    Hi Jens,

    lol, the secret guy has definitely missed the boat, hasn’t he ? There are no such thing as business secrets. On the other hand, some big players like Apple or Google are fighting a rude war about patents – or isn’t it about patents, but something else ?

    Anyway, that’s off topic.

    Inbound marketing is key – earning our way in.

    The opposite example is a friend of mine who works in the financial services industry. He pays for leads – strangers actually – between 50 – 100 € for real estate mortgage leads and up to 350 € for pension planning leads – for one phone number from a stranger who might have left his phone number on a dozen of websites. How crazy is that ?

    He could easily implement the things you mention because he could create tons of great content and turn them into stories and publish them on a blog, on YouTube etc.

    It’s probably not the instant gratification because it will take time but it’s definitely worth it. Outbound marketing in the other hand is a treadmill.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.



    • That’s very interesting, and I know that many people/businesses are still paying a lot of money for leads. And like you said, it’s more or less just a phone number or an email to a person who might be interested. And, what I would have done instead is to spend the money on creating content, maybe outsourcing it and make lots of awesome content on the topic and make people come to you. That’s what it’s about 🙂

  28. Chris says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I love inbound marketing. I’ve been doing SEO since 2005 and in the past year I’ve started saying the term SEO less and the Inbound Marketing more because inbound marketing is the future/now of SEO. On top of that Inbound Marketing is just more exciting than traditional SEO.

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