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IMVITE Extraordinary Associate Offer

Just received this from the Imvite headquarters:

In another extraordinary effort to support your IMVITE Associates business, instead of the fixed 10 members per month previously offered to your recruits, we will now place fresh Members into each active Associate’s frontline each month on a rotational basis! Yes, this includes you, Jens P..

You now have the potential for new Members in your downline each and every month to offer Free IBC Trials (and the motivation for them to upgrade and receive new Members from us each month as well!)

Although you should not rely exclusively on these IMVITE-placed Members to build your IMVITE business, you never know which of these Members will become a superstar and earn you a significant income. The superstar may be in the group of new Members placed under you by IMVITE on the first month or among those placed under you 6 months down the road. The superstar could also be someone placed under you the first month, but he/she will not activate for a few months.

We are seeing many formerly non-active Members becoming Associates after many months in the Program. We have even seen people who have cancelled their membership, and now their groups are growing tremendously. What a shame, as they would have to start all over again with no downlines!

E-Commerce, The IMVITE Shopping Mall

Please remember that your future success and the future success of the Company is based on many of your Members doing their online shopping through IMVITE. So make sure you deal with all your Members in a professional manner. DO NOT SCARE THEM AWAY by “bombarding” them with emails promoting the Associate program. Make sure you welcome them aboard your team. You may share with them that IMVITE also provides an exciting program to earn income and that you would be happy to give them the appropriate information and that if they decide to participate you and your upline team will help them succeed.

It is imperative that your Members receive the message that they are invited to participate in the optional Associate Program, but more importantly, they should think of IMVITE first before they purchase anything online and even offline. Why not purchase online if you can receive a rebate?

We are dramatically changing the IMVITE Shopping Mall. You can already see some of the changes online at

Now you have 2 very powerful recruiting tools:

The IMVITE 1-2 Power Combination

1. The Free IBC Trial offer, and
2. Free Members each month for you and all your Associates.

Remember to recruit today like there is no tomorrow. Have you have ever dreamed of earning a significant income or becoming a top producer? This is your chance. Timing is everything. The masses will flock to IMVITE in the coming months. The bigger you grow now, the bigger piece of the masses will fall into your downline.

We are here to work with you. Don’t take this opportunity for granted.

You can join Imvite here

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