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Improving Your Online Reputation: Step by Step

Karan Singhal is a professional search engine optimizer who operates Trafficke Website Solutions, a SEO company you can trust. Trafficke specializes in SEO consultations and reputation management. The latter will be covered in today’s post.

A good online reputation is one of the most important stepping stones to success. This holds true for both blogs and internet businesses. Today, I will teach you how to effectively market your website by improving your online reputation.

When a blogger reviews your website, you feel inclined to read what they have to say. You click through to the blog, take a look at the design of the blog, and settle down. One look at the title tells you that this article may not be so positive. You take a few minutes to thoroughly read the article and end up flabbergasted. What happened? The article was full of lies. Anybody can post a lie. Lies spread like wildfire before the truth can even do anything about it. What can you do about it? Fight as hard as you can, but if you can’t put out the lie, hide it with lots of truth. This is the main idea behind reputation improvement.

Blog marketing is one of the most effective methods of both bringing direct traffic and powerful backlinks from high-profile blogs. My definition of blog marketing is using blogs to market and promote your website. Blog marketing includes ethical techniques such as guest posting. Personally, I have had much success with blog marketing and recommend this technique of website promotion to all. In addition, blog marketing can also be twisted into reputation improvement. One example of this is one of SlyMarketing’s own posts: A SEO Company You Can Trust. How do you improve your online reputation using blog marketing? One way is nicely asking bloggers to review your website if you do something in return for them. They will feel in debt to you, and will write as good a review as possible. This is one of the most effective methods of improving your online reputation, and most of the time, it isn’t too difficult. Another way of doing this is actually very simple: showing that you have knowledge in your field. Guest posting on high-profile blogs not only brings boat-loads of website traffic and powerful inbound links, but shows that you are dedicated to your website and topic. This in turn, improves your reputation in the eyes of the reader. Guest posting is one of my favorite methods of bringing direct traffic because good blog choice paired with a well-written article can kickstart any website.

Guest posting to improve your online reputation is pretty easy, but it takes time. Here are the steps you should follow when doing this:

1) Find A Good Blog

I cannot emphasize enough that this is the second most important part of guest posting, while the actual writing is first. I only chose to write this guest post because I like this blog, it has lots of readers, and I like working with Jens. You should do something similar when choosing a blog to write for. Be sure to pick a blog that is relevant to your own website.

2) Contact The Blog

You can skip this step, but personally, I think it is important. Contact the blogger behind the blog you picked and tell them about your idea for the guest post. If you already have the title in mind, send that too. This is what exactly I did when preparing to write this guest post.

3) Write

This should be pretty self-explanatory: write the guest post! If you need a writer, check out this copywriting service. You may want to put a few links to your website, if they are highly relevant. You should know that all content used for guest posting should be unique.

4) Submit

The last step is sending your newly written article to the chosen blog. If your article is accepted, congratulations! If not, you can either fix it up and resend it, send it to another blog, or even put it on your own blog.

If you haven’t noticed, reputation management and improvement is a lot of work. That’s why Trafficke is here to help you. We offer a reputation management service, which also includes reputation improvement.

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