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Improve website traffic – focus on conversion

I have been focusing on methods to improve website traffic. I have written about the 3 elements of a digital marketing strategy before; Traffic, Conversion and Economics. Today, I’ll let you know about a method to combine traffic and conversion. It’s basic. I’m sure you already know it. But, most people don’t think about it and they don’t practice it on a daily basis. That’s why I want to approach this method today.

improve website traffic

It’s not hard to get more traffic. You can drive traffic via paid advertisements, and you can be doing conversion (make a sale) by adding either a discount or limit the time or amount available. I have been using 4 methods to get more traffic to my blog.

But, by adding a different element, you’ll most likely be combining traffic and conversion, and many times, this element is basically completely free, and it’ll improve website traffic.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Sure you do.

Let me give you an example from today. I’ve been eating pizza. Yes, I do eat pizza more often than most people. You probably know that already, especially if you’ve been reading my blog posts since I published the story about the pizza delivery guy. Today, I was about to order a vegetarian pizza, at the exact same restaurant, and the owner told me that he had been thinking about me.

He said; I made falaffel a few weeks ago, and I was waiting for you to arrive. But, then, I waited for a few days, and I got so hungry thinking about the falaffel. I ended up eating it myself. I want to add to the story that this restaurant doesn’t have falaffel on the menu. You can’t order it. But, since we’d been talking about it, and since the owner said he was making it at home and that it was one of his special dishes, he’d been thinking of me.

He was smiling when he told me that he’d been eating “my falaffel.” He told me that it tasted fantastic. At first, I didn’t know why he told me the story. Maybe he told me the story, because he wanted me to know that if I’d be around more often, I’d get free food. But, he ended the story about the falaffel with; I’ll be making it next week, and when I do, I’ll drive it home to you. I’ll send you a text message first, to make sure you’re actually home.

Combining traffic and conversion

The falaffel story; about me buying a pizza, is really a story about building strong relationships. It’s the story about friendship, and how to turn a regular customer into a raving fan.

If you focus on relationship marketing, doing remarkable customer service, you’ll “automatically” make customers come back to you (traffic) and you’ll “force” them into buying from you (conversion).

There are many elements of great customer service. Sometimes, it’s the small parts that’ll do the magic and create returning customers.

For instance, if a person remembers my name, I’ll be not only impressed, but I’ll listen. And, if that person remembers details and mentions them to me, I’ll not only be impressed, I’ll most likely find that person interesting as well. For instance, I’m a vegetarian and I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink tea. If a person remembers something like that, I’ll be listening with both ears. We all want to feel special, like we’re unique, not only because we deserve it, but because we are unique. If we’re offered something unique, we’ll get a good feeling about the person and the business.

Make them smile. We always remember people who are making us smile. That’s one of the most important reasons why people become fans. But, it’s also important to always add extra value. Today, when I ordered the pizza, I received free pizza sauce. I know it’s not something unique. I know it’s something others will get as well, but it’s extra value, and I know that I would have to pay for the sauce if I’d go to a different restaurant.

Remarkable customer service is the key. By the way, this is how I’m improving my blog.

Improve website traffic – blogging

I have been scheduling blog posts to get more traffic. The reason I’ve been doing it, is to optimize the time when I publish the posts. Since most of my readers live in the US, I need to be sure that the time I actually hit the publish button is a time when my readers are online. Like now, when I’m writing this post, most of my readers are probably sleeping. It wouldn’t be a good thing to publish my post now. It should be available at the time they’re ready, if not, it’ll be just one more post in their RSS feed, or just another e-mail in their inbox.

It’s not just about scheduling blog posts to improve website traffic, it’s also about how many we should publish each week. The more posts we publish, the more traffic we’ll get. This is what usually happens. But, when you publish often, like every single day, you’ll end up missing something.

Most likely, you’ll end up with less comments and hardly any conversation on your blog. This means, you’ll get the traffic, but it might be harder to get conversion. Again, it all depends. If you’ve added the conversion element inside your blog, you might just need traffic, and the conversion will be the sign-up for a newsletter. If that’s the case, you should be publishing (high quality) blog posts every day, 7 days a week.

Many times, the conversion will only happen in a discussion, inside your comments. You’ll be the guide, telling them what to do. If that’s the case, you should spend more time marketing your blog posts and that’s part of how to improve website traffic.

6 responses to “Improve website traffic – focus on conversion”

  1. Hi Jens, You have the best pizza place! I’m wondering if you were a fan of pizza before you discovered that pizza parlor or the awesomeness of the pizza parlor owner converted you into being a pizza fan.

    You’re right, showing people that you really care about them can turn them into raving fans. Go the extra mile (km) for them and they will remember that. It’s not always about the lowest price, it’s often about the service.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I do have the best pizza place. Well, I was a fan of pizza a long time before I discovered the pizza parlor. And, one of the first things I do when I’m traveling is to find the best pizza place. Right now, I’m in Denmark at the small and beautiful town of Skagen. Just wait, I’m sure I’ll be eating pizza several times during the next days to see if I can find some awesome pizza here 🙂

      It’s awesome when people go the extra mile. When they do, I don’t think much about the price.

  2. Hi Jens,

    I’m on board when it comes to a pizza-themed post. Falaffel isn’t to shabby either 😉 We have a local pub-grub place like this where the waitress treats my wife and I like gold. Might have something to do with the tips, but she sure knows how to make people happy.

    Remarkable customer service is indeed the key.

    • Hi Craig,

      I should probably write more about my experience with pizza. I have thought about creating a new blog with a pizza-theme, not just about the eating, but the making and the customer service as well. Not sure if it would be any readers, but it would be fun to write.

  3. Hank Amundsen says:

    “you should spend more time marketing your blog posts”

  4. Hank Amundsen says:

    I get it.

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