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The most important website on the Internet

If someone had asked me what the most important website on the internet is, just a few months ago, I would probably have answered Google, or maybe a social media site. But, now, the answer is different.

And, of course, it all depends if I am answering the question from a personal perspective, or as part of my business. Today, it’s all about business.

I’m not going to keep writing, without telling you the answer. Let me just tell you why I believe it’s the most important website on the internet, and what it does, and then, we’ll discuss it.

The path to success

It’s a lot easier to be successful if we look at other businesses and people that are already successful. We should look at what they’ve done, and copy their path to success. It’s not as easy as it may sound, but it works.

Now, find a website from a successful business, and start to look at what they’ve done in the past, how they got started, and how they developed the site.

When we look at their humble beginning, it’s a lot easier to get started. Most businesses don’t start at the top, they start by going small steps, and they continue to develop. And, by looking at how they started, and doing “research” on their developments, it’s a lot easier to understand what we should copy, and what we should leave behind.


One of my favorite sites is Copyblogger. I have been reading their content for many years, and I have bought several of their services and products. I remember how the blog started, and I remember the progress, but not in detail.

This is how it looked in 2006.

copyblogger 2006

This is how the site looked in 2009.


This is how Copyblogger looks today.

copyblogger 2013

The most important site on the Internet

I believe that Wayback Machine is the most important site on the Internet. They have an archive of all sites, and you can go back many years to see how successful sites have developed throughout the years, and this way you can understand what you need to do to become successful.

Do you agree with me?


19 responses to “The most important website on the Internet”

  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Jens it is right up there! I love CB, usually read it daily. Like you noted going back through the archives can help you mine an absolute goldmine of rich marketing data. Big league value here.
    I am also huge on I read PB daily because like Copyblogger the articles share simple, clear and success-creating tips each time I stop by.
    Thanks for sharing buddy!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Interesting take, Jens. Yes, it is fascinating to see how successful websites have evolved. Most of us wouldn’t find older versions of websites appealing. By studying the changes to design and content we can see which changes worked.

    I think the changes in Facebook’s design are particularly remarkable. Each time they make a change people vehemently complain yet no one would want to go back to the older look after a short time of using the updated design.

    • I don’t use the site often enough, but whenever I am doing changes to my own, I spend some time going through other successful blogs to see what they’ve been doing. I agree about Facebook. They keep evolving, and like you said, people always seem to complain when they update features and/or design πŸ™‚

  3. Carolyn says:

    Oops, I forgot to say which website I think is the most valuable on the Internet for me. As a blogger, I would have to say Triberr is the most important website on the Internet. After The Wonder of Tech, of course. πŸ˜‰

  4. Kurt Frankenberg says:

    Jens-Petter, I really dig copyblogger as well. Not just because of their content, but also because of their example. I’ve learned about internal linking, content marketing, and all-around becoming an indispensable resource. All by observing what they DO as opposed to what they SAY.

    For me, I would have to say the most influential sites I am following now are TrafficGenerationCafe and Kikolani.

    Ana Hoffman is the Queen of Traffic (her most recent post is EPIC) and Kristi Hines has been a serious connector-of-the-dots for me.

    Honorable mention: Growmap by Gail Gardner. Rising in the charts too πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for connecting, Jens-Petter! Hope to swap ideas with you soon.

    Keep Stepping,


    • Hi Kurt,

      Copyblogger is an awesome site, and I keep learning from them every single week. I read all of Ana’s articles as well, and her long posts are great. I haven’t visited Growmap yet, so that’s something I need to be doing soon.

      Thanks Kurt.

  5. Viola Tam says:

    Hi Jens-Petter,

    Congratulations on choosing a great blog title that attracted me to visit this site. I came from Adrienne Smith’s site. I would say that her site is the important important site for me. I got to learn so much from her. It also allows me to be connected with more committed bloggers who excel in different fields.

    It does seem like Copyblogger has a lot to often. From what my trusted friend Ryan said, I would definitely have to check it out later! SEO is an area that I would love to explore some time next year.

    Thanks, Jens-Petter!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

    • Hi Viola,

      Thank you so much for visiting my site and thank you for the awesome comment. Adrienne is a brilliant blogger, and her site is amazing. So, I can understand why her site is important to you. I read all of her articles, and wouldn’t miss it for the world.

      Thanks again.

  6. Adrienne says:

    Okay Jens, don’t kill me but I’m not a big fan. I know, I know, everyone tells me it’s the bomb. So here’s the deal with me.

    I’m not even going to say that it’s not a great site because how the heck would I know. But my issue with a lot of sites is that I want to read from the creator, the owner. When I’ve visited copyblogger over the years they always have someone else writing. Does that mean their content isn’t good? Well heck no but I’m really loyal in that way that I want to support the blogger/owner.

    I think I might have also had a tinge of jealously for the big guys back then thinking they wouldn’t want to hear from someone like me. Now remember, this was my attitude years ago when I first visited them and I guess I’ve wandered over there from time to time but I just prefer supporting the little guy more.

    I still learn a lot and I have no doubt I’ve been missing out on a lot but I’m weird in that way I suppose.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      I really like Copyblogger, but like you, I liked it better when Brian Clark was writing all/most of the posts, and Sonia Simone is a brilliant writer too. But, the most important website on the internet too me is not copyblogger, I was just using it as an example. The most important one is wayback machine, it helps me see how websites have evolved over time. It’s great πŸ™‚

  7. Veronica says:

    Loved this post of yours, wight from the title to the way you have justified it. Yes, following the pattern of a successful website can be really motivating. No one becomes successful overnight, it is a long process which involves lot of hard work and brain storming. I will surely check out copyblogger. Thanks for sharing.

  8. rayaalia says:

    This is a really great list and I will tell you my unexpected reason why. There are so many of them out there. Billions!! I think if you pick a few that cover all of your needs when you put them together as a group- you can stop yourself from hopping around and you can increase the benefits you receive from these ingenious tools.

  9. Levon says:

    I went to check out copy blogger, it’s actually a really good site with a lot of useful information thanks for the referral.

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