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An Important Twitter Lesson

If you’re going to be successful using Twitter, or any other social media, there’s one thing that’s important to remember. It needs to be easy to use and especially, it needs to be easy to share anything, because it’s really all about sharing.

For instance, if you need to log in to a system or a piece of software every single time you have an idea, then there’s no doubt that sometimes, you forget the idea before you get the chance to share it. You should only need to hit a few keys on your computer in order to share, that’s all.

I think it’s very important to install extensions or plugins to make it as easy as possible to share information on Twitter.

I’m currently using a Twitter extension for Safari called Safari140. When I’m browsing or what ever I’m doing using Safari, I can just hit two keys, and it will post direct to twitter from Safari. It auto-fills with the current site, so I really don’t have to type anything. It auto-shortens long urls. It takes me just a few seconds, and it’s probably the easiest way to share information on Twitter and that’s why I use it.

There’s a similar plugin for Firefox called TwitterBar.

I only use plugins/extensions when it comes to sharing and posting information on Twitter.

I always use a desktop client when it comes to the conversation. I use Tweetie on my iPhone and my Mac, and TweetDeck on my PC.

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