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Important Information Should Be Different

I have just been at an amazing conference about Internet marketing. A lot of well-known speakers attended, like Chris Anderson, Mike Walsh, Jack Myers, Gerry McGovern and Yoni Kish.

What I discovered during the conference was that it was a lack of information, some information was less important than other information. There was a lot of stuff I didn’t know, some was probably my fault, and some of the stuff was not my fault.

A fairly critical part of the information for a lot of people was the fact that Seth Godin was not going to be there himself. His appearance was going to be streamed live from New York. A lot of people didn’t know this, even though it actually said this on the website of the conference.

The only problem with the website was that this important (and for some – critical) information was only one sentence, just as small as all the other sentences on the website (take a look at the image of the website above, the arrow is pointing at the sentence).

They didn’t put this information in the program, it was all in the presentation of Seth Godin. I know a lot of stuff about Seth Godin, so I didn’t bother to read the presentation. I guess that I should have read it, because I was really disappointed when I discovered this.

The most important information about Seth Godin when it comes to this particular conference was not who Seth Godin is. My guess is that everybody already know how he is. The most important information was in fact that his presentation was going to be streamed live from New York. This information should have been bigger and bolder than all the other information.

This relates to marketing. The important information should always be different. Make it stand out. You want people to read it, you want them to understand it.

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