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I’m in Love With A Fairy tale

It’s not what you think. But keep reading.


To me, it should be all about the words.

But sometimes, it’s hard to write, and it’s even harder to publish what I’ve written.

I’m using Concentrate, well, to concentrate. I’m using MindNode Pro to sort my ideas. I’m using WriteRoom to write. And currently, I’m using Drupal to publish what I’ve written. I have explained why I’m using Drupal earlier:

I’ve been thinking.

At the moment I want to go back to using WordPress.

There’s really just one reason for this, and that’s because WordPress is so easy to use. It’s all about me and my words, I hardly have to think. It’s just about writing. With Drupal, it’s a little more complicated. I get errors, not all the time, but I get errors… and I really don’t want to be bothered with errors.

To me, WordPress is a fairy tale. I’m not talking about WordPress as part of a story with fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, giants or gnomes. No, I’m referring to WordPress as something blessed with unusual happiness.

Using WordPress makes me happy.

It works, my words are published without any irritating inconvenience.

That’s the one reason why I really want to switch to WordPress. But there are many other reasons why WordPress should be my choice.

Take a look at the following blog posts:

The only real problem related to using WordPress is related to the design. There are so many awesome designs available. It’s hard to find the right one. I’ll probably buy a premium theme, or get a custom design.

When it comes to premium themes, I’ve been looking at:

What happens next?

I’ll be spending my next three or four days thinking and eventually deciding what to do. I really want to do the switch, but it cost money and time. I’m not sure if the switch is worth it, even though I’m in love with this fairy tale.

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