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If Your Product Sucks – Give Away a DVD

Yesterday, I bought a brand new magazine for women, it was a gift to my wife. Well, sort of. The cover said that the magazine was for women, and from the cover stories, I saw right away that this wasn’t something for me.

The only reason I bought it, was that I also got a dvd, a movie that I really wanted to watch. A French movie called Tell No One or “Ne le dis personne” (in French), based on a Harlan Coben novel.

The movie was awesome, but the magazine sucked. My wife didn’t like it, but she thought that I was really sweet for thinking of her and buying her the magazine.

Does it really help giving away a free dvd if your product sucks?

Well, not really. The only thing they accomplish is that a lot of people will buy this particular edition of the magazine, because they get the free dvd. But what about the next edition? What happens if they don’t offer a free dvd?

9 responses to “If Your Product Sucks – Give Away a DVD”

  1. Ed Torres says:

    I also use the pinging features for my blog. Adding more to our list is not considered blog spam by Google?

  2. Tom Lindstrom says:

    Quite a massive pinglist!

  3. Jens says:

    Hi Ed,

    I have also been using the FeedBurner pinging feature, but lately I have only been using the list above.

    I am not sure about the blog spamming, but I don’t think that it will be an issue. Because I am only pinging when I have published a new post.

  4. Steve Anderson says:

    Thanks Jens,

    Where exactly should I past this list of sites to ping?


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