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If your ad works, when should you change it?

Let´s say that you are using traffic exchanges and you have a splash page that are doing a great job. People are clicking like crazy and you are more than satisfied. Should you just keep it running forever, or should you change it in a few weeks / months or a year? Well, there might come a time when you experience fewer clicks and common sense says that something is happening in the world of online marketing. Your splash page is “out of fashion”, well, then you should probably change it.

But are there any other reasons for changing a great advertisement that works? You shouldn´t just be relating this question to traffic exchanges, it could be classified ads, pay per click ads, banner ads and more.

Big companies do change their ads, even award winning ads, but why are they doing it? One thing is that people get tired of watching the same advertisement over and over again. The ad might be losing its effect if it runs for a long time. But when do you replace it? Maybe trackers are the only answer to an online advertisement? When the clicks gets below a certain amount a day, you change the ad…

I am not sure, I don´t have a rule regarding this, I just use common sense. If my ad is not working, I replace it with a new one. But if it´s working, then I keep it online until it stops working.

3 responses to “If your ad works, when should you change it?”

  1. Jens says:

    Thank you for your comments Grant.

    Does this mean that you are an affiliate of Freedom Rocks and that you earn commission from signing up people?

  2. Grant Len says:

    I am an independent rep for FreedomRocks; and the great part about this program is you can choose to just use the software only to achieve forex profits, and share the program with others for a second stream of residual income. It’s your choice. Some just use the program only, others want residual income, or both. I like the fact that you can test it out for yourself and see that it works – that’s what I did. The results speak for themselves.

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