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If You Ever Get Lost

I was out walking. It was raining and I was in a hurry. My wife, my daughter and my son, they were at swimming practice.

I decided to take a shortcut, through the woods.

That’s when I discovered it.

Angry face

A sign, on a tree, next to the river. It was the name of our college, and an arrow. Showing me the direction to the college.

I stopped and stared. It was still raining, it was cold. I was freezing, but I continued to stare. The sign was not exactly professional, it was clearly made by an amateur. But seeing the sign made me feel secure. It was like I’ve been on this path before. I was on familiar territory.

To me, this sign was more than directions to our college. It was more like a billboard, showing where to get education.

It made me think. Could a sign like this one, a name and an arrow, on a tree in a forrest, help us attract students to our college?

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