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You need to identify the toilet in your business

pizza toilet

I love eating pizza. That shouldn’t be a surprise to you, if you’ve been reading my blog for more than a week. I eat pizza as often as possible. There are several reasons why I am not eating pizza every day, but let’s not get into that, I just want to focus on the really good reasons why I should continue to eat pizza, and not why I should eat less. But, my addiction to pizza can teach you a thing or two about marketing.

I love to visit new pizza restaurants, and I visit new restaurants everywhere I travel. Usually, I end up at what looks like worn out places, in some alley, where no tourists will ever walk. And, that’s usually where I find the best pizzas and the most interesting people.

As soon as I enter the restaurants, before I order the pizza, I’ll walk into the toilet to see how it looks. I believe that if the toilet looks great, if it’s clean and neat, the owner of the restaurant is a person of high credibility and is doing his best to make fantastic pizza and to serve his customers. But, if the toilet is not clean, and if it’s missing toilet paper, and have a full garbage can, and the floor is filthy, it shows that the owner of the restaurant is not focusing on his business.

Think about it.

You need to identify the toilet in your business

What’s the most visible part for your customers, something that your customers will associate with what you’re selling? The reason the toilet is very important for a pizza restaurant is that if the toilet is not clean, we’d automatically think that the people making the pizza might not be that clean either (because they’re not focused on cleaning the toilet), and the issue will be closely related to what we’re about to eat.

What I mean when I say that you need to identify the toilet in your business, I am really talking about the most important thing that’s not exactly your product or service, but that’s closely related to it.

What are people looking at when you’re busy making the “pizza”?

For a dentist and a doctor it might be the waiting room. It’s not just how clean it is, but what type of magazines do they offer.

Have you identified your toilet?

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