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Ideas about notes – notes about ideas

I’ve been taking notes ever since I was a kid. First, at school, then at work, and now I’m taking notes to remember everything when it comes to my family, home, work, blogging and whatever I’m up to, at all times (well, not everything, but things that I shouldn’t forget.

The problem with taking notes is that I need them to be available to me at all times.


I’ve tested several methods, and I’ve bought a few applications as well. The latest software I bought was Things, a task management software (for Mac). It’s an awesome software, and I bought Things for iPhone as well. I’m synchronising Things on my iMac and my iPhone. It works great, even though Things doesn’t support MobileMe.

I usually have my iPhone with me, therefore I thought it would be great to use it to update all my notes. Well, I’m satisfied, although I’m not actually using Things anymore (just sometimes). I’m still taking notes, actually more than ever, but as I’m writing this, I’m not using a software at all. I’m sort of back to where I started.


The reason I’m not using a software, is todoodlist, an ebook by Nick Cernis. I discovered a banner at a blog, I think it was about two months ago, it said Tech is great. Pencils are better.

I’m not sure what happened, but I thought this was so cool. I was really attracted to the banner and the ebook. It was completely different from everything I’ve seen online for months.

Now, I’m only using a pencil (sometimes a pen) and a notebook. I have the notebook with me when I’m at the office and when I’m home. If I don’t have the notebook with me, I write a note using my iPhone (using Things) and then add the note to my notebook when I get back home (or back to the office).

There are five reasons why I’m using a pencil and a notebook for all my ideas and to do lists.

1. To boost creativity

When using a pencil and a notebook, I’m more creative. There’s no doubt about it. I find it a lot easier to think when I’m not using a computer. It’s hard to explain, but that’s how it is.

2. To get a better overview

I get a better overview when I use a notebook. One look at the page, or a few pages, and I know exactly what’s going on. With a software, I usually have to click several times to view my tasks and my ideas.

3. To have more fun

It’s a lot more fun to use a pencil than a computer. That’s because I rarely do use a pencil. I spend many hours a day on my computer, therefore, it’s fun to stop and write and draw something by using a pencil.

4. To be safe

The author of todoodlist wrote about his experience when his PDA went dead because of his batteries. That’s one of my nightmares. When I have an awesome idea, or an important task to write down, and I can’t, because the batteries to my iPhone just went dead.

5. To view my own handwriting

When I watch the notebook and my own handwriting it’s like I’ve created something. It’s like I’m unique, becaue my handwriting is unique. When I use my computer, it’s identically to when another person uses the computer (if he uses the same font and size). It looks the same. Looking at my own writing makes me think back to my childhood. It’s refreshing, and it’s fun to still be using the same method (well, it’s actually way more advanced) as I did when I was a kid.

Todoodlist made me realize that technology is great, but pencils are better.

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  1. Jens says:

    Hi there,

    Yes, I think I agree with you. I have been thinking of trying to make a purple cow for the entire college first.

    Actually, the first attempt is already over. And you’ll get a glimpse of it later today 🙂

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