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The Ideal MLM?

What would your ideal MLM be like?

I have tested many over the past years, but it always seems to be something wrong with all of them. Maybe only a minor detail, but always something wrong. Maybe I am very picky, I don´t know.

The biggest problem seems to be regarding marketing. It seems that most people are lazy, really lazy. They want money fast and easy, and they do not want to work or even pay for anything. This is just my observation.

When you get people to sign up for your MLM, hardly any knows how to promote it. I can understand this. It takes experience and hard work to be able to promote “the right way”. After a few months most members will quit, because they will not get any money when they can´t recruit.

Again, this is just my opinion.

A leader must tell all of his downline how to promote and how they should manage their business.

To me, the ideal MLM should have marketing integrated into the system. What members would do is that they pay a monthly fee, this fee would be for the company to promote their url. It seems that most people are lazy, well, I am lazy. Most people can´t recruit and they are lazy.

This is why 95% or so fail at MLM.

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