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I would really like this feature on Facebook

One of the reasons why I haven’t been using Facebook as much as I probably should have, is that it’s fairly difficult to filter the information I want people to see.

I’m using filters on information that I am viewing, on Facebook and Email. The way I do it on Facebook is that I create lists of friends. This way I can send a different message to each list or view the newsfeed from each list (instead of the newsfeed for all my friends).

What I would really like as a feature on Facebook is a way for us to update our status (the status will appear in the newsfeed to our friends) to different friends lists. Right now, I believe that we can customize who can see our status updates (one list of friends).

Why would this be an awesome feature?

Most people who are using Facebook are using it for personal relations, many people are also using it for business and I bet there are hundreds of other reasons as well (non profit organizations, various hobbies etc..). When you update your status with a message about your business, or a way to market your business, you don’t want this message to go out to all your friends (your family, co-workers, girlfriend).

If you’re writing in different languages, you would want a status update in Spanish to show only to the people who actually understand the language.

You want your status messages to appear in the newsfeed of people who might be slightly interested in what you’re writing.

I believe that this feature would be interesting for every Facebook user on the planet, even for the kids. Think about it. Some status updates should not be visible for their parents. Today, they would have to filter the status updates so their parents can’t see any of them, but if they do, their parents would only get sususpicious).

What do you think, would this feature be something you would want?

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