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I will tell you why they are leaving

You have your website and you are looking for people to buy something from it before they leave. You might be using your website to promote clickbank products, or you might be an affiliate of any company really, the fact is that every website (even yours) has a lot more shoppers than buyers.

I thought that you might want to know some of the top reasons why your visitors don’t always become customers, and some suggestions for how you can improve your webiste.

Ease of use.  Shopper’s don’t spend time trying to navigate a confusing website, a website that’s too difficult to use , or one that requires too many clicks to complete a transaction.  Business owners can encourage shoppers to finalize sales by simplifying the process.  Buttons, especially “add to cart” and “proceed to checkout”, are best displayed prominently, preferably above the fold.  Changing quantities, colors, and adding and removing items or changing shipping method should be easy to accomplish.  Check-out instructions should be clear and simple.  Customers appreciate the efficiency and respect for their time that a smooth purchase experience provides.

Functionality. Websites that don’t work the way they should will not only lose sales, but discourage future visits from potential customers.  It may be worth the investment to hire a knowledgeable webmaster to design and maintain the storefront and shopping cart.  A smooth-running website not only increases sales, but will also help the business owner to focus on other activities that can ultimately lead to more traffic and more conversions.

Availability of information. Is an item in stock?  How soon will it ship?  What is the cost?  What shipping and payment methods are available?  Consumers are more likely to complete a sale when they are provided with sufficient information to answer all their questions about a product or service.  Providing a FAQ page (frequently asked questions) is one way to provide answers.  A convenient link to detailed information about specific products also helps.  Many websites also include a contact form or live-help telephone number for customers with additional questions.

Credibility and security.  Your website is really the only way to get your customer to trust you.  Some ways to do this include:

Multiple payment methods.  Businesses that accept multiple forms of payment show significantly higher sales.  Accepting credit cards, whether by setting up a merchant account or by using a third-party service such as PayPal, is crucial.  The benefit of using PayPal is that it also allows customers to pay by direct transfer from their checking accounts, providing yet another option.

If you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, you will develop insight and be positioned to make positive changes that can lead to higher conversions, increased revenues, and greater profits.

So, what do you think?

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