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I went to cash a cheque

I have received a cheque in dollars lately and today I was able to get to the bank and cash the cheque. But it was not as fun as it used to be, well I have probably just forgot how it was to be at the bank.

First of all, usually the line is pretty big. I can´t figure out why there´s so many people at the bank. What are they doing there? I am only at the bank when I am going to cash a cheque.

But, my biggest problem with the bank today is the amount I have to pay to cash the cheque. Because the cheque is in a foreign currency, I have to pay about $23 to the bank. Yes, that´s right. I have to pay them that much to be able to get my money.

Ok, let´s say that I agree that they should earn money from doing some work for me. Not sure how much work they have to do though. But what I don´t understand is why they charge more money the larger the amount of money the cheque is for? The bank I was at told me that if the cheque is for less than $300 I would have to pay about $12, but because my cheque was for more than this amount, I had to pay more.

Why is that? Do they have more job with a big cheques? Or is it like this? The more money the cheque is for, the more money the customer can afford to pay, and the more money the bank will be earning. My guess is that this is true!

4 responses to “I went to cash a cheque”

  1. Ali says:

    the company not only isnt a pyramid but also is one of the best mlm companies,
    and Iran’s Goverment and Depatment isnt specialist to find it out.
    sorry for them.

  2. Abiy says:

    2. The company is not only cheater but also aganist all relegions. They have stolen money from most of my friends. But not from me. I am not stupid or greedy enough to join such scam.

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