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I thought Google would be first

For some time now I thought that Google would be the first company to build a web OS, a system where everything will be online. Like Windows or OSX, but not stored locally on your computer. You would only need to start your computer and you wouldn´t (in theory) need anything other than an Internet connection. All your applications and all your work would be stored online. This way you would always have access to “everything”, no matter which computer you are using.

Today I read about a system called YouOS, and it seems that they have develped something like this. It´s not quite ready yet, it´s in Alpha-version, but the demo I tried worked really good.

So, why haven´t Google launched something like this yet? My guess is that they are launching various applications first, and they are trying to get us captivated with services like gmail, talk, calendar, blogger, froogle, earth, picasa, checkout and many more. Once we are captivated, they will launch their system and the revolution will start and it´s bye bye Windows Vista 🙂

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