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I Recommend Louis Zante Beach

I am back home from a wonderful vacation, it’s been two weeks of sun and fun. I didn’t once think about work, and actually I wasn’t online at all during the two weeks. I didn’t even bring my mobile phone, I was completely offline.

And I highly recommend it.

My family and I visited the island of Zakynthos in Greece and we stayed at Louis Zante Beach. It’s an all inclusive hotel, where we got all our meals, drinks and ice cream included in our ticket. It was perfect for our kids, and of course, it was perfect for me (and my wife).

We ate probably way too much, because the food was nothing but incredible.

The water was spectacular, and I even got to dive (actually it was snorkling) with a giant turtle. I guess I was really lucky, because in September they are hard to spot – but they are usually around in July and August though.

The day we left, I even got a glimpse of some baby turtles on the beach. The eggs had just been hatched and the turtles were on their way to the sea. It was a sight I will never forget. (If you are a fan of turtles like I am, I highly recommend that you support the work of Archelon).

Our kids had a really good time. They did what kids their age do, sleep, eat (ice cream) and swim. They wanted to swim in the pool, and that’s what they did for about 10 hours a day (LOL).


I highly recommend Louis Zante Beach if you want to go to Greece and Zakynthos. We are actually talking about going back next year, if we do, it will probably be in May. Nothing wrong with September, because the weather was nice and it was not crowded with tourists. But next year our daughter will start her first year of elementary school, and obviously, we don’t want her to miss the first weeks of school.

4 responses to “I Recommend Louis Zante Beach”

  1. I’ve been both Crete and Kefalonia in Greece and they were wonderful holidays. Now you’ve mentioned turtles I will definitely research Zakynthos further.

  2. You definitively should. The turtles were amazing. I’m going back soon 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your comment.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have heard about Zante and its beauty from some of my Greek friends. I have also seen some pictures of Zante, its beach and also of the Zante Villas. Thanks for providing me much more insight on Zante.

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