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I Need More Information Please

Yesterday I bought an online marketing package, a really great one, but I can´t reveal the name just yet. I have only been listening to some of the audio, viewing some of the videos and reading just a few pages of the e-books. But as soon as I bought it, it was launched yesterday, I received a one-time offer. The offer was regarding the resale rights. I could buy the resale rights to it for a pretty low price.

I thought about it for 5 minutes, and then I decided to buy it. But the problem was that as soon as I received my paypal receipt for the resale rights, I also received information that I won´t be able to sell it before May 30th. This is because the product was just launched, and that the author had some sort of deal with jv partners.

Well, why didn´t I get any information about this before I bought the resale rights? I am not saying that I wouldn´t have bought it if I had received the information about the date, but I would appreciate to get as much information as possible. I was a little “upset” afterwards. I will still sell it from May 30th, but I was planning to start promoting it right away… well, I was only thinking about it for 5 minutes or so, but that was part of why I bought it.

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