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I Love AWeber Badges

I have just discovered that my favorite e-mail marketing tool added some new affiliate badges.

They are all awesome, and from today, I will start using them on my blog.

I Heart

As always, it’s important to help your affiliates with their marketing efforts. And adding banners and badges is probably one of the easiest way to help out… easy, but very powerful.

I Heart

Next, I really hope that AWeber will create some new banners. The old ones have been around for ages. They are probably tested and they probably work rather well, but I’d like some new designs.

I Heart

I really like the badges, the only problem I see, is that maybe you can’t use them to promote AWeber on other websites than your own?

The reason I am asking is that the badges are saying “I love AWeber”, and if they are located at other websites, the owner might not love AWeber… and might not want his or her visitors to think it’s his/her opinion.

I guess this is not a problem really, because who doesn’t love AWeber (LOL).

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