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I Just Discovered Twitter Slap

Since I started using Tweet Adder, I have been following more people on Twitter each day, and since I’ve been following targeted people, I have also been gaining followers. But, no matter how targeted the people I follow are, it’s close to impossible to get 100% of the people I follow to follow me back.

So, what happened yesterday, was that I discovered the Twitter Slap.

The Twitter Slap is when you follow 2000 people and you have too few followers. As I am writing this, I don’t know how many followers I need in order to be able to follow more people on Twitter. I suspect that it’s at least 1850, since I have 1823 (it might be some reandom number, but I really don’t know) followers right now.

As far as I understand, the only reason I can follow more people, is to get more people to follow me. It might sound easy, and it might even be fairly easy. Because all I am doing right now, is that I am using Tweet Adder to unfollow the people who are not following me. This way, I’ll only be following people who are actually viewing my tweets. Sounds fair enough, why should I view their tweets, if they’re not viewing mine?

If you’re discovering Twitter Slap, and you don’t want to (or can’t afford to) buy Tweet Adder, you could use a service like UnTweeps (it’s free). I have used it several times, and it works great. What it helps you do, is to unfollow people (tweeps) who haven’t posted tweets in a while. I usually unfollow people who haven’t posted anything in 30 days or more.

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