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I Just Cancelled ListHero

I have been testing the $1 trial at ListHero for a few weeks, I think it’s apx. three weeks. I have been rather mixed when it comes to what I think about this system.

What I believe is that it works, you still need to test your advertisements to find the ones that works best, but you can build a great list using ListHero, that’s my honest opinion. But I don’t believe that you can do it fast.

Here are some of the posts I’ve written the past weeks:

And now, I have cancelled ListHero all together.

The reason is that I think it was too expensive, I’d have to pay apx. $150 for the upgraded version. In the long run, it might be worth it, but it was slow getting new sign ups, and I think that there are too much competition from the members at ListHero.

If you are an upgraded member, you don’t really need to use the Exit Grabber on your website, because you get a lot of points for being an upgraded member. If you are a free member, you need to show the Exit Grabber on your website in order to earn points.

I think that it would be a lot better if you could be alone with your advertisements on the Exit Grabber of fellow members, but I realize that this would be close to impossible. It would mean a lot more traffic and unique visitors to the sites, and even now, when we have about 6 (I think it was six, or maybe it was four?) different advertisements on each Exit Grabber, I was hardly losing any points.

So, to me Exit Grabber was too expensive and I don’t think being a free member would benefit me at all. It would mean that I had to be showing the Exit Grabber (with all the different advertisements) each time my visitors left my blog.

But ListHero works, and who knows, it might work for you.

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