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I Just Bought Commission Blueprint

This is part of a series of posts that I am writing related to Commission Blueprint. Be sure to read the other posts as well (this list will be updated as soon as I publish new posts):

I have been thinking about whether I should buy Commission Blueprint or not, it’s been going on for a few days. This morning, just a few minutes ago, I decided to buy it.

The reason is not that I am going to try to become a millionaire using AdWords, or start making money as an affiliate. Well, I a might test the system. But the main reason I bought it was that I want to learn Pay Per Click advertising, and I want to learn from the best.

The reason I want to learn is basically because we might be using AdWords to promote our college (well, we did a few years ago, but with no success), and of course, if I find the course to be really good, I will probably find some cool ClickBank products to market.

So, what I will do, is that I will start viewing all the videos and reading all the tutorials. And I will write a series of posts related to Commission Blueprint. This way, you will get a look at what it’s all about and I can hopefully teach you something as well as I will learn more by teaching you (did that make any sense at all?).

Anyway, I just bought it and I received access the “vault” of information from Commission Blueprint. I glansed at it and it seems that I will need quite some time to actually read/view everything, because there are a lot of information.

I’ll tell you more about it soon, probably later today.

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