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I have tried VideoWebWizard

Yesterday, I received a request from one of my colleagues that we should make a video of a lecture. He had recorded it using a camcorder and the quality was good enough, but now he wanted it on the Internet.

He wanted the students to view it on the website, so called streaming. I thought for a few minutes about how we could do this the easy way and the cheapest way. I didn’t have much time to do it, and I think that if this works out ok, then we will probably produce a lot more videos in the future.

I did what I thought was the best, I searched the web for reviews of various software related to my task.

The one I found to be the most interesting was VideoWebWizard. The price was ok, and the reviews I read was also ok. I bought it and within a few minutes I had produced my first streaming video.

I am very satisfied with the results, and it can’t be done any easier than this. I had to click my mouse about five times before the video was finished, and the only thing that took more than a minue was converting the video from its original format to the format I am going to use on the website.

VideoWebWizard did the job, and I highly recommend it if you are thinking about producing video for your websites. But if you are looking for a software to help you capture or edit video, then you will have to look somewhere else. Because VideoWebWizard is only for putting already edited video on your websites.

I could have showed you the results, but it’s a 45 minute lecture in Norwegian, and that would probably not be of any interest to you. What can be of interest is that I have also bought the Master Resale Rights to the software. If you want the rights yourself, please contact me.

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  1. Jens says:

    Hi Peter,

    I am not sure if I understand what you are saying. Can you please explain?

  2. Peter says:

    Ewen Chia? You’re judged by the company you keep. Bye Bye. I’ve unsubscribed to your feed.

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