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I Have The Ticking Clock Syndrome

Have you heard of the Ticking Clock Syndrome?

I got it, just in case you are wondering. I hope it’s not contagious, because I really don’t want you to get it.

Let me give you a short explanation.

I am here to learn about Internet Marketing, I am here to get more traffic, and I am here to earn a few extra bucks. Mostly, I am here to learn. I want everything to go really fast, and I want everybody that I JV with or have a conversation with to be awake when I am awake, and be ready to talk when I am ready.

I want everybody that are doing a job for me, to be doing the job fast and be ready when I think that they should be ready.

But guess what?

It doesn’t work. And (sometimes) it’s really annoying.

I realize that have the ticking clock syndrome.

Instead of doing things slowly, and making sure that everything is perfect before I release something (or before I publish my posts), I just do it. I want results, and I want them now.

I know, and I have realized that this is not a healthy syndrome (I guess most syndromes are not healthy). This is not a cry for help, and I am not going to see someone in order to help me with my problems, because I think that when you know about the Ticking Clock Syndrome (and because this is not really related to my health), it’s something I can deal with myself.

I am now going to stay more focused on my blog posts, and I am going to stay more focused on my work (especially the e-book I am writing) and I am going to let the people that are doing a great job designing my new blog and designing the e-book, get some peace and quite, and just finish the work when it suits them.

I am going to do something about my Ticking Clock Syndrome, at least for the remains of the week.

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