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I Have Removed The ListHero Exit Grabber

I found the ListHero Exit Grabber rather annoying, too much information and options to join several newsletter. It might be effective, my advertisement is converting at a rate of 0.64% (not very good). I might change my advertisement, just to see if I can make it better.

The reason why I removed the ListHero Exit Grabber from my blog, was not just that I found it annoying, but it was because I really don’t need to have it installed.

The reason you need the Exit Grabber from ListHero, is that you earn points every time someone sees it on your website/blog. And you can use the points to show your advertisement on other websites (that are using the Exit Grabber).

The reason why I don’t need more points is that I joined the $1 trial, and as an upgraded member, I have received 150 000 points. Even though my advertisement have been shown more than 1 000 times, I now have more than 160 000 points left (10 000 more than when I started).

And of course, when you read stuff like:

For as long as you remain subscribed you will also be receiving 150,000 new ListHero points each and every month which equals 15,000 exposures of your newsletter advertisement within your category.

Why would I need to show the ListHero Exit Grabber when I receive that many extra points each month?

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