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I have read Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright

If you are blogging for personal reasons only, then you might not want this book. I think the book was really good, and it was very easy to read but it was mostly about how your business can benefit from your blogging. If you have a business, or you are employed somewhere and you are wondering how you and your company can benefit from blogging, then Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright is the book I recommend that you buy.

The book has a lot of great examples from how small companies can benefit from blogging and some great examples on how large corporations are doing it. The book is all about business blogging and probably the first book you need to buy if you want to learn about it. Even though a lot has happened to blogging and blog marketing since the book was published, it doesn’t look “old” at all.

I find it very interesting to learn examples from how and why companies like Google, Microsoft, Disney and General Motors blog. It’s especially interesting to see examples of how you should interact with your customers in order to get quality feedback and how this can turn your business all around. Blog Marketing was the first book about blogging that I have bought, but it took a while for me to finish it. That’s not because it was hard to read or boring or anything like that. It was simply because I didn’t need to finish it all at once, it was a book I used (and still use) to look up examples and read topics when I wanted some information about that specific topic.

Here is one of the many good examples, this one is a list (and the book explains each point, but I will not) about crafting effective blogger relationships, the example in the book is taken from Nick Wreden author of ProfitBrand:

Can you learn from this book even if your blog is kind of personal? Yes, I think that Blog Marketing will benefit all bloggers, but itīs mostly about business blogging.

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