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I have just read Scar Tissue

It seems that no matter what I read, I find a way to relate it to marketing and/or personal development. Let me give you an interesting example from Scar Tissue, the book I just finished reading.

One of my favorite rock bands is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and that’s the sole reason why I bought and read the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis, the lead vocalist.

Anthony Kiedis have been using drugs for the major parts of his life, he has really been struggling. A long time before The Red Hot Chili Peppers became famous, they had problems due to his drug addiction (and the drug addiction of the other members of the band). Their story almost ended before it started. Before their fame, their original guitarist Hillel Slovak died of an heroin overdose (in 1988).

The really interesting part about the book is not the drug use and the whole rock’n roll thing per se. It’s how they struggled, how they stayed, never gave up, and ended up being one of the most creative and famous rock bands in the world.

Like any form of success, it’s about staying, never giving up and being true to yourself and your dreams.

The story of his life is awesome, it’s the life of a true rock star. And it’s a lot easier to understand the lyrics after I’ve read Scar Tissue. By reading Scar Tissue, you’ll not only get a fascinating story, but you’ll understand a lot more about what it takes to succeed in life.

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