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I Have Just Read Hits Clicks and Misses

A few weeks ago, I bought the book called “Hits, Clicks and Misses: The Traffic Exchange Experience” by Jon Olson.

The reason I bought it was because I wanted to learn more about the traffic exchange industry, and how to†become successful using traffic exchanges for my marketing. I have tested traffic exchanges on and off for several years, but I have never been really successful.

I am not sure if I really get it, I think I understand, and sometimes I get great results, and a few months later, it seems that I did everything wrong. And yes, I know itís all about testing, and that what works changes from time to time.


I have been reading ďHits, Clicks and MissesĒ and I think itís a very interesting book. Itís 155 pages, and itís not hard to read it in one day (I spent two days).

Youíll get a lot of information about the industry, from one of the top guys (I am not sure, but I think Jon Olson might be #1 when it comes to Traffic Exchanges Ė he is the Traffic Exchange Guy).

Youíll get information about the beginning of the traffic exchange industry, and how it has developed. Youíll get information about all the various features (probably not all, because new features are probably being added as I write this), youíll get the 7 steps to traffic exchange success and youíll learn the anatomy of a killer splash page.

I am not sure if there are anything worth learning about the traffic exchange industry that Jon Olson didnít include in his book. Itís a great book, and if you want to learn more about this industry, then I do recommend that you grab a copy.

Now, the only thing I didnít like about this book was the layout.

It was sort of boring, looked too much like a newsletter (with 155 pages) and it didnít even have any keywords or list of contents.

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