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I Have Just Launched My New Blog

It took more time than I would have guessed, but now my brand new blog is up and running. I have even published a few posts.

The new blog is very different from slymarketing, it’s called Protein High Foods, and it’s mostly about proteins.

But I will also be writing about health and vegetarianism and everything that comes to my mind, like I usually do.

The reason I picked the domain Protein High Foods, is because I did a lot of research using Micro Niche Finder. And the keywords have a lot of traffic, and close to no competition. It’s going to be very interesting to see what will happen to the traffic in a few weeks.

I didn’t just pick a random topic and found keywords using Micro Niche Finder based on the random topic. I picked this topic because I am a vegetarian and because I am interested in learning a lot more about it.

I learn a lot more about things when I blog about them. Therefore, I create new blogs when I want to learn more about new topics.

This time it’s health, vegetarianism, food and of course, protein high foods.

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