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I Have Just Bought Tweet Adder

Since, I started using Twitter, I’ve found a lot of interesting tools and software to help me use Twitter as a powerful marketing service. I have covered many of them in Twitter Virtue, the free ebook you receive when you subscribe to my newsletter (the subscription form is at the top).

Yesterday, I bought a new software called Tweet Adder, a software I strongly believe will make my Twitter marketing efforts even more powerful.

Today’s post will be about my first experience with Tweet Adder, since I’ve just been using it for a few hours, it won’t be as detailed as the reviews I’ll be writing in a while.

My first experience with Tweet Adder

I bought a licence for one Twitter account, and I paid $99. It’s a one time fee, and all the upgrades in the future is included. It’s fairly expensive, but if this software is as powerful as I’ve heard, then, $99 is not going to be a question.

The reason I bought Tweet Adder instead of Hummingbird, was that Tweet Adder was cheaper (almost $100 cheaper), it looks just as powerful, and I can use it on my Macs (currently I’ve installed it on my MacBook).

Buying it and installing it, was all done in about 3 minutes. Now, adding my Twitter account was done in 10 seconds. I was actually up and running in less than 4 minutes, and I didn’t read any of the instructions. And I still haven’t watched any of the videos explaining how to use Tweet Adder.

Screenshot of Tweet Adder

The first screen I saw when I logged in was “who to follow”.

This screen doesn’t need much explaining. It helps you find who to follow, and it adds them to your database inside Tweet Adder. I can find people by using keywords (search by Tweet Keywords). For instance, if a person uses the word “marketing” in one of his tweets, I’ll add him in my database of followers (if I search for “marketing”). I can search for keywords inside everyones bio, search for users by location, search by followers of another user or search users followed by another user.

Whenever I search for new “who to follow”, I’ll be adding them all to the database. At the moment, just by using Tweet Adder for a few hours, I’ve got more than 10,000 people to follow in my database.

The next thing I’ll be doing is add them as followers. I’ll explain this step tomorrow.

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