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I have joined Global Domains International

I have been checking them out for a while and I have written a few posts about them as well. After talking to a few successful marketers, I thought I join GDI to experience it for myself. The reason I joined is that they have a very interesting product when it comes to online marketing. They sell domain names and hosting, something a lot of people want, and they have a very good marketing system.

But the main reason that I joined is actually the team that I am now a part of. They seem to be a very good marketing team that will help all their members to success. Something that I believe is the most important part of any online business, if you are alone then most of us will have a problem. Members of the team have already sent me several e-mails to help me promote GDI, even though I joined just a few hours ago.

I just remembered another reason for joining, and that´s the 3 in 7 guarantee. A program called provides a guarantee that if you join GDI and the 3in7, and you provide at least 1000 hits in 7 days to your referral link, they will give you 3 people in your downline in 7 days. Well, 1000 hits is no problem when you use traffic exchanges.

It will be interesting to see what will happen at GDI, and I will keep you updated all the way. Remember, I am testing GDI and do not know if this is a company that I will be with for a long time. I think it´s very interesting to test new income opportunities for a few months to see how good they are, and with GDI and the 3in7 guarantee, it doesn´t seem that I have anything to lose.

5 responses to “I have joined Global Domains International”

  1. Matt Keegan says:

    I agree that this is an annoying practice. You would think that “customer service savvy” sites would do everything within their power to make certain you get your product instantly instead of holding back 24 hours or longer.

  2. Dawud Miracle says:

    You’re right. One of the best ways to tick off your clients/customers is to promise something that you don’t deliver.

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