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I have changed my Internet Marketing Newsletter

I decided to change my Internet Marketing Newsletter, the one called Internet Marketing Tips. It happened last night.

It’s always been difficult to know what kind of topics to write about and how often I should send the e-mails, and in which format I should send them.

Some people like to receive e-mails, the newsletter, every single day, while others just want one e-mail a month. I guess it all depends on the content. If they are receiving top quality content, I bet that most people would like to receive the newsletter as often as possible. It’s not that easy to get top notch content for free.

I have been sending reports, a five series report on a given subject. The reports have been about all sorts of topics, all related to Internet Marketing of course, and I have been linking to an affiliate program at the bottom of every report.

Each part of the report have been sent out automatically every single day, once the report has been finished, it’s been 10 days before a new report has been sent out. I think that this is still ok, because the quality of the reports are really good, and even though I have the affiliate links at the bottom, I think my readers enjoy the content.

Every single friday I have been sending out an e-mail to all my readers about last weeks blog posts. This way they don’t have to visit my blog to find out what I have been writing about. This is what I have stopped doing.

Next friday, all my readers will receive some really good Internet Marketing tips instead. This will happen every single friday from now on. They will still receive the five part reports, but also the exclusive Internet Marketing Tips each friday.

I think that changing my newsletter to include the friday Internet Marketing Tips, will complement my reports. The reports are kind of general and related to various hot topics. The Internet Marketing Tips will be more specific and related to one topic each friday.

I am using html for the reports, the e-mail that my readers will receive is in plain text with a link to the report. The Internet Marketing Tips e-mails will be in plain text, and all the content will be included in the e-mail. This way I am doing both, I am doing the html (but as a separate page) and I am doing the plain text. I am not using html e-mails, because I think too many people will still have problems reading them.

It will be very interesting to read the reactions of my readers, will they enjoy the change or not? I guess I will know next friday.

If you want to subscribe to Internet Marketing Tips, please sign up using the form at the top of this blog (it says Internet Marketing Tips, you can’t miss it).

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