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I don’t analyze dreams. I just enjoy them.

surrounded by darkness

I was outside. It was in the middle of the night. I was surrounded by darkness. It was cold. The wind was pushing me closer and closer to my house. I was all alone – walking. I didn’t know why I was walking or where I had been. The only thing on my mind was my son. I was out looking for my son? I didn’t know. He had been asking me about work. He’s five years old. Should he be asking me about work?

I stopped.

I started talking to myself.

It’s happening to me again. I can’t stop thinking about work.

I opened the door. I walked inside. I had been walking for two hours. I had been at work for ten hours. It was dark inside. I was freezing.

My son was standing in the kitchen. I turned on the light. He was pale. His eyes, they were staring right at me. He told me that he had just watched a ghost walk by. The ghost had tried to speak to him, but my son couldn’t hear any sound.

I told him to stop. Please stop. I’m tired.

He continued to stare at me, waiting for me to tell him that there are no such things as ghosts. But I didn’t say anything. I turned around, facing the leftovers on the table. I was hungry. The knife on the table reminded me of a story. The story reminded me of work.

My son was pointing at the window.

What’s that? I asked.

The shadow.

Sure. From the ghost. Yes. Our neighbor is a ghost. You’re absolutely right.

Come on.

Did you tell me this just because you…?

He continued to stare at me. He smiled, and then he continued talking.

Relax Dad. It’s not our neighbor. The ghost is you. Don’t you see. All work and no play. You need passion dad. Stop thinking. Stop analyzing. Start playing. Don’t you see? You’re the ghost dad. You’re the ghost.

32 responses to “I don’t analyze dreams. I just enjoy them.”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Your son is one smart boy, dream or no dream. All work and no play will make your mind so nuts! 🙂

    Loved this Jens, thanks for being brave and sharing this with us.


  2. Jens says:

    Thanks a lot for the feedback 🙂

  3. Bill Dorman says:

    Wow Jens, was this you? That was a good story; it could be a lead in to a novel.

    I don’t think I have worry about the ‘play’ part; I get enough work in but I definitely make sure there is play involved as well.

    Yes, sometimes you can over analyze and you just to need to move forward and ‘do’, right?

    Hope your weekend went well; I saw in the news it looked like you had some bad weather on the coast.

    • Jens says:

      Hey Bill,

      Yes, this is me, and all me. I have adjusted my lifestyle and at the moment I’m all about play, but I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up 🙂

      The weather is bad, but that’s something we’re used to. It’s a little windy, that’s all 🙂

  4. Bill Dorman says:

    PS – share tab is gone, so no more blockage. Hopefully by placing tabs at the bottom works for you.

    • Jens says:

      The share tab is gone, all thanks to you 🙂

      I was experimenting a little, and it was sort of annoying to have it in the sidebar. Thanks a lot for letting me know that you had a problem with it, because if you hadn’t told me, I would have forgot all about it 🙂

  5. Carolyn says:

    Wow, Jens!.If this is anything like your novel then I need to start Norwegian lessons pronto!

    Please take time for yourself. Isn’t it time for another holiday? Perhaps you need a non-virtual trip to Bill’s place?

    • Jens says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      My novel is different, but this is all me, and so is my novel 🙂

      I’m having fun and playing, and that’s what it’s all about. I have talked to some friends who are all about work and no play, and that might be the reason why I had this dream. But, as I said in the title, I don’t analyze dreams. I just enjoy them 🙂

  6. Ruth - The Freelance Writing Blog says:

    Wow, Jens, you really drew me in there! You are quite the writer!

    I have actually tried to analyze my dreams – certain images that kept recurring. I was startled by the interpretation (which I won’t post here, for fear of public humiliation), so I’m inclined to dismiss it all as baloney! I’m with you, rather just enjoy the dreams and take them at face value 🙂

    • Jens says:

      Hi Ruth,

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

      I haven’t tried to analyze any of my dreams, but it would have been interesting to give it a try. On the other hand, I’m thinking that it doesn’t matter what they tell me as long as I enjoy the ride. To me, dreams are storytelling, and I often use them as parts of my writing. It’s fairly easy to be creative if you base some of your writing on your dreams 🙂

  7. farouk says:

    that was such an interesting read
    thanks Jens : )

  8. Eugene says:

    Awesome post Jens! Kind of scary too 🙂

  9. Lynn Sanders says:

    Beautiful. Short and beautiful.
    You have a talent for this, i hope to see more of these stories around here.

  10. hassam says:

    nice article thanks for sharing

  11. Mary N. Garrett says:

    Hi Jens,

    Great post! After I read your post, I am reminded to put family first in my priority list than job. Your son is indeed a smart boy. We can learn from our childre and admitting it is a good sign of humbleness. Can you post a picture of your son Jens?

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. It’s important to focus on your family. Everything I do is based on supporting them. I’m sorry, but I don’t publish pictures of my family on this blog. Not sure why, but I’m not comfortable with it just yet.

  12. Michael says:

    I can’t blame your son why he sees you as a ghost! Imagine yourself, all day, all night working in front of your computer or even during break time, you ended up talking about what your strategy be in order for you to improve your blog, etc. For sure, you’ll look so haggard with those eyebugs below your eyes! As if you haven’t take a bath for about a centuries now. LOL Try to do yourself a favor by finding time to enjoy, to relax. That can also help you enjoy more time with your son.

  13. Jeriea Smith says:

    Before going to sleep, keep a notepad and pen ready at the bedside. This will keep the person ready to write down thoughts as soon as possible at any time. It would also be helpful to put a date on top of the sheet to ensure that all details are available, in case there is a chronological or repetitive dream.

  14. Louise Peterson says:

    Really exciting impression you expressed with this article. 🙂 It’s very interesting matter that I can’t analyze dream as like you guy just enjoying myself. Anyway, good to read your impressive content though very meaningful idea place here. Keep up coming! 😉

  15. Kenny says:

    Hey this was a great story Jens, really enyojed reading it 🙂

  16. Alicia says:

    How old is your son Jens? He seems like a sweet kid. It’s really touching when kids will remind parents on how to deal things. Kids may be young but it doesn’t mean that they are wrong. Most of us think that kids no nothing about life but you’ll be surprised that their pure of heart will lead us to the right path.

  17. Stan says:

    There are times that whenever I look at the mirror, I can see ghosts! Why? Because of haggard look I have whenever I push myself to work almost all throughout the day. Now that I’m away from home, I finally value the importance of taking time to relax. Hopefully, I could continue this once I get back home.

    • Hi Stan,

      That’s how I feel when I’ve been working too much 🙂

      So are you on vacation right now?

      • Stan says:

        At least you know that there are other people like me who are experiencing same situation like you. And yes! I extended my holidays in my parents’ place. I actually need to learn the process of our family business here.

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