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I am writing an e-book and I need your help

I am excited, I am all set to write my first e-book. If you read my post yesterday, you already know about my latest project. It will take a while, but I have started writing, and the graphics for the website and the ecover and banners and so on will be ready in less than 14 days.


Now, I need your help with the content.

I am writing about Internet Marketing failure, and the e-book is all about failure, it will be nothing related to the stories of success. I need sad stories, stories about people who have struggled to make it, people who have spent hours after hours every single day trying to find the perfect business, and people who have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their quest for success… and they ended up with hardly anything at all.

OK, if you think that you have failed (so far), but you don’t have the really sad story. I still need your help. I want as many people as possible to fill out the interview form, that would make my job so much easier.

And by the way, the e-book will be completely free.

Now, I am going to try to explain the questions in the interview form.

1. Name: write your first name or both your first name and surname. It’s your choice. You don’t even have to use your real name, but this will be the name I will use in the book.

2. Email: this is how I will contact you if I need more information

3. Website: this is the website where people can read more about who you are and what you do (please don’t use an affiliate link)

4. Country: this is the country where you live (if you were born somewhere else, you could include that one as well)

5. Age: how old you are

6. How do you define failure: Failure is a very difficult word to define, I think that it’s very individual. Failure for you might be something completely different than failure for one of the top gurus of Internet Marketing. Tell me what you believe failure is to you (when it comes to Internet Marketing).

7. Did you have a goal: The question is really; “did you have any goals when you started with Internet Marketing?” If you had a goal or several goals, you can answer yes. If not, answer no. By goals, I mean something like, “I am looking to earn a profit in 6 months” or maybe a more specific goal, “I am going to have 1000 unique visitors a day after 6 months of Internet Marketing”.

8. What was your goal: If you had a goal, please tell me about it. If you didn’t have one, you don’t need to answer this question. I am not saying that it’s wrong not to have a goal, but it’s easier to say that you failed if you had a goal. This way you can measure failure easier.

9. Why do you think you failed: I want a short story, or maybe just some keywords. It’s all up to you. Tell me what happened, what did you do? What did you focus on when it comes to Internet Marketing. Do you know why you failed? Sometimes it’s really difficult to say what the reason was, so I am really just looking for “what did you do?” Tell me how you spent your money or how you spent your days, what exactly did you do on your computer…

10. Are you successful today: You might have failed in the past, but did you continue anyway, and do you consider yourself successful at Internet Marketing today? You only need to answer yes or no.

11. Comments: If you have any comments on the project, please do write. I would really enjoy suggestions, and thoughts about the e-book. And if you think I should add more questions to the interview, please tell me. If you think some of the questions needs to be deleted, please tell me.

I really want some feedback, don’t be shy… let me know what you think.

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