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I Am Using an AutoResponder The Right Way

Sometimes you need to be testing many things in order to be successful, and this time I have something to show you. It’s about the blog I started a while ago called Protein High Foods, it’s a blog that I thought would be easy to fill with valuable content, but it hasn’t been that easy. It’s suppose to be a blog about protein and my life as a vegetarian. I thought my (healthy and food related) life was rather interesting, but that was before I created my blog.

Now, I realize that I have very little to write about, and that I suck as a chef. I hardly make any interesting food, and I am not as creative as I thought I’d be. I was really hoping that creating a blog about it, would be an inspiration and would help me to be more creative, like forcing me to do something about my health and what I eat.

So far, nothing has happened. Well, other than me joining a health club.

But the good thing, is that the blog drives good traffic. I have received a lot more traffic during the first month to Protein High Foods than I have received to any other website of mine during the same amount of time. I guess that I can state that this blog could be fairly valuable.

It can be valuable, if I could just find a way to monetize it (I am still banned from AdSense). So far, I have added a few banners, and a few affiliate programs without any help. I even tried Kontera, but even though their ads had a few clicks every single day, I was earning just cents a day.

Finally, I thought I’d use aWeber, the best autoresponder, to something useful on that blog. Instead of just using it to send out a newsletter, on a topic that I rarely find the time and the passion (so far) to write anything of value, I have added a sales pitch to it.

As you can see at Protein High Foods, I am using aWeber to promote a brand new eBook called Go Green Be Rich! It’s a very interesting eBook about how you can save about $500 a month by helping the environment. The reason I picked this eBook, was because I thought that people that are looking for articles related to health, vegetarianism and protein, also might be fairly occupied with saving the environment. And I guess, most people like to save $500 a month.

All I have done was to add the image from the eBooks affiliate site, and I have added eight pre-written emails also from the affiliate site. It took me no more than 10 minutes, and now, everything is automated. All I have to do, is try to write a few articles a week and publish them at the blog, and aWeber will do the rest.

This is what an autoresponder is all about. Use it in order to automate the process of selling, but you can also use it in order to publish your newsletter. That’s what I do here on this blog, nothing is automated, I do everything myself. That’s because I am not using it to sell anything, I am using it to publish tips about Internet marketing.

Do you see the difference?

When I have a passion about something, I use the autoresponder manually to broadcast a newsletter. When I don’t really have a passion (at least when it comes to writing about it), I use the automated version of the autoresponder in order to sell. Making it as easy as possible to earn profit, that’s what I am aiming for, and it’s working.

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  1. Nick Inglis says:

    I think I could agree with you to some respect. If you’re able to do something better and you can give reasons why, you’d be the first to give reasons why you’re the best. People could remember that, but in most cases… Find your unique positioning statement and run with it.

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