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I Am Thinking Viddler

We have had a discussion for a long time, it seems like way more than a few months, about what we should do about videos at the college where I work. I am talking about how we should embed videos on our website, and what software to use, where we should upload the videos and stuff like that.

Usually, we host everything ourselves. But if we are going to do it when it comes to videos, I guess we should buy a software, maybe a YouTube clone, to be able to organize all our videos in the future. And because the people that will be uploading the videos not necessarily are very technical (when it comes to embedding videos), we should make it as easy and smooth as possible.

We are using Macs, and creating the videos are easy (at least, we are managing to create rather cool ones).

The problem still remains, how are we going to get the videos on to our website without making a mess?

And of course, how can we make it as easy and smooth as possible for the creators of the videos. They should be able to manage everything themselves, without me having to help them.

The reason for the big discussion is also because we are thinking about the future, what will happen when we have hundreds of videos, and we’d like to find them all and organize them? We need to keep them someplace where they are “safe”.

I am thinking Viddler, but my guess is that my colleagues are thinking something completely different.

Why Viddler?

– It’s not YouTube

– It’s easy to use

– It’s easy to share

– It’s easy to embed

– It’s easy to organize

– I think it’s free (it is isn’t it?)

Why not Viddler?

– It’s not our server (downtime)

– Is it safe (well, we will have backups)?

It’s time to take a stand, and hopefully end this discussion…

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