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I am reading Internet Riches

I received Internet Riches by Scott Fox about a week ago. I started reading it on sunday, and as I am writing this, I am on page 58.

So far, I am impressed by Scott Fox.

The reason that I have only read 57 pages, is not because the book is boring or that it’s hard to understand what Scott Fox is talking about. The reason is that the weather in Norway has been awesome lately, it’s been so hot and sunny, and I have only been outside doing whatever you do when it’s sunny. And of course, my kids are killing me (not literally). They are all over me, and I hardly get ten minutes a day to read anything.

Now, I thought I’d give you a clue about Internet Riches and why you should consider buying it. I will probably give you a full review later on, but I’ll give you a few of my thoughts so far.

The book is not about Internet marketing per se, but it’s more a book about how to become an Internet millionaire or at least how to earn a lot of money using the Internet.

It’s a book that you can (and should) read if you are just starting out and you are an entrepreneur looking for a way to become successful with your own e-business. Yes, the book seems to be perfect for people like that.

I especially enjoyed the examples from very successful people like:

Genevieve, a recent college graduate, has built a nation-wide company by simply creating a website that matches parents and babysitters (


how 26–year-old Drew grew his hobby of posting funny articles and links online into a profitable website with more worldwide traffic (and advertising revenues) than many major names (

Scott Fox explains in detail why the Internet revolution is not over, and why it won’t be over for years to come. He explains why it’s actually an advantage to be a small business online (lower costs means higher profits).

He provides such great examples, just look for Internet Millionaire Secret and you’ll read about the people he has interviewed throughout the book and some of their secrets to success.


I am not going into details here, but I will be as soon as I finishe reading the book.

You can get some more information over at, you can even buy the book from his home page.

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