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I am now using an Exit Popover

Yesterday, I decided to try something different to help me get more subscribers to my Internet marketing newsletter. I am not a big fan of Popovers, but I know that they work. They grabs your attention and if they are used right, they will also get people to sign up.

I installed an Exit Popover, because I think that a script like that will not hurt my blog. I think that if I would use a regular popover, my visitors might get a little annoyed when something just pops up in their faces.

An Exit Popover will just pop up (or pop over) when my visitors are trying to leave my blog. It will not be showing if they click on a link, just if they try to click on the back button or tries to write another url.

You can try it and tell me what you think. As far as I know, it works on all browsers. I am using cookies, and it will only be showing two times during a session.

I have just installed it, so I don’t have any results yet.

2 responses to “I am now using an Exit Popover”

  1. Gab says:

    IDK if it's the same, but I just had a lightbox optin appear without leaving your site.

  2. Yes, that's right. I wrote this blog post a while ago, and for the past two months or so I have been using a regular lightbox from Aweber.

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